Extraction is the central system for managing the articles offered in the distribution channels. The two most important results of the extractions are price adjustments and the revise, or deleting of articles.
Extraction can be actively triggered or automatically run at scheduled time.

The Inforius extraction module contains the following functionality:


Data Extraction

The individual extraction can be defined on the basis of an extraction rule. An extraction is determined by the extraction rule, marketplace, pool of articles and the mode of extraction.
From the above criteria, a one-time or recurring extraction job is generated.

Extraction Rules

Extraction rules are controler of Inforius system, through which customer can define his set of rules to display the required articles in required channel.


The functionality offers the possibility for selected marketplaces to offer articles before the release date.

Article Exclusion

Not every article can and should be offered in all distribution channels. Therefore, rules can be set in Inforius which articles should be excluded for which reason and in which marketplaces. These rules are automatically applied to control the articles in multiple sales channels.