Inforius - Multi-Channel ERP Solution

more sales in E-Commerce



  • Order Processing
  • The Processes runs automatically for either drop shippment to buyer directly or to inforius customer inventory.


  • Marketplaces
  • Connection to German and international marketplaces.


  • Webshop
  • Individual templates, responsive design for the perfect shopping experience.


  • Interfaces
  • Seemless connections to market places, price search engines, suppliers and shipping service providers


Order Processing

Simply work more efficiently with INFORIUS.


  • Dropshipment & Direct Shipping
  • Automated via service providers or direct shipping using state of art delivery partner interfaces.


  • ERP
  • Control all processes conveniently via the Inforius ERP system.


  • Cockpit
  • All important data in view


  • Processes
  • Fully automated background processes allow you to focus on your work


  • Payments
  • Automatically process all transactions and manage them via a central module.


Patner Feedback

Ivano Narducci -Owner Rhein-Team e.K.

"Since we use Inforius, our productivity has increased significantly, and the Inooga team is constantly developing the software."