Amazon Japan & Australia

The portfolio will be expanded BY 2 more international marketplaces. All processes are fully automated and prices are calculated and updated based on the conversion rates. Orders are automatically picked up and processed according to the given order routine The communication takes place in the national language.

Published BY Inooga Solutions 18. October 2018

Textbook Business 2018

Inforius dealers use the Inforius textbook module to issue textbook orders for the financial year 2018 worth more than 4 million euros.

Published By Inooga Solutions 30. September 2018

The Connection to CHECK24 ist live

The first dealers are already selling successfully on check24. CHECK24 is an online comparison portal that helps consumers find the right fare and product. Traders have the opportunity to offer their goods directly.

Published By Inooga Solutions 30. July 2018

Another marketplace has been integrated. was integrated as another marketplace in Inforius. All processes, such as creating articles, inventory and price updates as well as order management are handled fully automatically via Inforius.

Published By Inooga Solutions 05. November 2017

Interface to Shopsystem Shopware

As the leading system, both article management and order management are handled through INFORIUS. Article updates as well as order status and changes are carried out automatically.

Published By Inooga Solutions 01. September 2017

Buying Portal

First dealer goes online with the new purchase module.

Published by Inooga Solutions 05. August 2017

Textbook orders

Inforius dealers use the Inforius textbook module to issue textbook orders worth more than 3 million euros for the 2016 financial year.

Published By Inooga Solutions 31. December 2016