Via the module "Content Management System" the content of the own webshop can be managed. The number of displayed blocks can be defined individually for each of the higher-level pages. A block is defined by the term, the title and the articles contained therein. For each block, consecutive validity periods with different contents can be defined in advance.

The content of the blocks can be defined by author, title, product group or individually selected ISBNs. For the dynamic block types, the currently valid articles are always displayed in the top position. This leads to the fact that a visitor on repeated visit of the webshop gets the impression that the shop is constantly updated.


Easy entry and editing of content through predefined blocks. Move content by dragging and dropping.

Integrated banner management as well as optionally own CSS management. About the free text block can integrate any content.


Customized templates (Responsive).
All name-based payment methods are integrated and can be activated according to customer requirements.

Premium Module

Optional expandable modules

News letter

Optional module: Create the news letter with links in your web shop.

B2B Suite

Expandable module:
As a dealer, you have the opportunity to act as a middleman and to offer the entire assortment to choose from through custom discount profiles.

Buying portal

Buying used books according to a well-defined rule. Further information by request.