The name catalog covers the Inforius ERP including goods receipt, stock movements, warehouse management and other required functionality.

The Inforius catalog module contains the following functionality:

Katalogmenü Release warehouse management Article Bundle Inventur Scanner Idle stock list


New arrivals are scanned and after duplicate check is done, they are assigned to a storage bin which is already used by this item. Each scan automatically accesses the existing article master data and assigns it to the warehouse article. The scanning process may be accompanied by automated release of the articles or classified as manually releasable articles.


Scanned articles can be released either individually or in bulk to work efficiently, once the article is released they will not apear in this module.

Warehouse Mangement

The storage system is freely definable, multi-client capable and route-optimized. Storage positions and entire shelves can be moved by drag & drop and related sequence positions are updated automatically.


Inforius allows to create bundle of articles from all the existing articles known in the system and to offer them in the marketplaces. Bundles are deleted if the minimum stock levels of one of the bundle article reached.
The individual elements of a bundle can be offered in further bundles or as individual articles. Also picklists for delivery process indicate the individual bin of the bundle item.


Inventory Scanning

Inforius has a detailed inventory system that can be used to control and manage inventory.
The scanned item stocks are compared with the existing stock information and corrections are made accordingly. For unknown articles report including storage bin is generated for further process.

Idle stock list

The Idle stock list refers to the sales of the stock items with the time line. Using a variety of criteria, articles with a low sales can be identified.
Identified items can be priced directly through price adjustment options to increase the chances of sales.The Idle stock list also offers the possibility to create the inventory list.