The Inforius Administration Module contains a variety of different forms used to create and manage master data or rules.

The Inforius Administration module contains the following functionality:

Verwaltungsmenü Publisher Master Shipping Rules Manage Templates Voucher System Points Campaign


Publishers include all suppliers and contacts that are important to a company. Supplier data, discounts, contact persons, delivery rules and minimum order values can be stored here.

Shipping Rules

The control of the optimal shipping method is done by freely definable rules, on marketplace, region, weight and assortment level.


All automatic or manual type templates used in INFORIUS can be customized and defined in multiple languages./p>

The template to be used is determined via the country code of the billing address.

Voucher system

The voucher system allows the definition of different voucher types according to the customer's requirements.

Bonus system

For all completed sales, the bonus points rules are applied through webshop buy and deposits the points into buyr account. The bonus points transaction of the buyer can be viewed by the customer service at any time and also buyer can view his points through myaccount in webshop.