2016 Inforius Purchase portal

Development work on the Inforius purchase portal is drawing to a close. It is planned to take the first dealers online in early 2017.

2015 Inforius V9

Inforius with new technology

2014 Inforius B2B Business Suite

The newly developed B2B Business Suite goes into production at the first Inforius dealer. This is where retailers now have the opportunity to act as intermediaries and to offer them the entire assortment through customer-specific discount profiles.

2013 Inforius CMS

The Inforius Web Shop System is being further developed.

2012 Inooga moves into new business premises

Inooga moves into significantly larger business premises.

2011 Inforius V2

Inforius is being put on new footing technologically and architecturally.
In addition, Inforius receives a modern user interface.

2011 Lotus Business Consulting Japan

Inooga participates in the Japanese consulting firm LBC Japan based in Tokyo.
LBC specializes in the implementation of SAP R3 and SAP Business One.

2010 Inforius goes International

Customers from Switzerland and Sweden are expanding the Inforius dealer base.

2008 Customer numbers are growing

The number of Inforius users is constantly increasing.

2004 Inforius

The first version of the ERP software INFORIUS is launched.

2003 DotNetERP

Inooga develops an ERP solution for medium-sized customers based on the latest Microsoft technology. The software is used by FGS Mills, England.

2002 Workhorse

Launch of "WorkHorse", the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management software.

2001 ORACLE und Microsoft Partner

Inooga becomes ORACLE and Microsoft Partner.

2001 Gründung

Inooga is founded in Einbeck and Hyderbad, India, by Thomas Glass and Sai Prasad Koneru in April 2001. One of the first customers is AXA.