Purchase Module

Buyback Process

Through the buyback process Inforius customers can buy items at used prices. Currently, the purchase is limited to books and media, but can easily be extended to other ranges of products. Inforius customer will offer items to the seller for a price based on the purchase rules. The purchase system can be configured to the required minimum purchase value and maximum items offered. The seller receives the free shipping label by email. The payment is made after the examination and acceptance of the submitted articles. Alternatively, the seller may decide to donate all or part of the amount to a charitable organization.

The Inforius Buying Portal Module contains the following functionality:

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Buying Portal

Functionality for processing the incoming purchases is  the purchase number is transmitted via email as a barcode on the purchase document can be scanned. The employee checks the goods and accepts them or selects the appropriate one of the given reasons for rejection. The items are held in a virtual tub for transfer time and transferred to your physical storage bin via a warehouse transfer functionality.

 The offer price determination for the marketplaces takes place on the basis of definable price rules, so that articles are offered with in 5 minutes from the purchase examination into different marketplaces.

If an article is rejected, then the seller receives the online option to have the article sent back to him (by paying postal charges) or to throw it into waste.

The amount of the accepted items will be transferred to the seller by SEPA on the same day of acceptance.

Price Rules

For each article, the information is used to determine a mutually advantageous purchase price. Influencing factors here are the competitive situation, the retail price, the existing own stock, the sales figures and other parameters.
The Entire assortment ranges can also be defined as non-purchasable.

Regular Examination

The rule check allows a simulation of the effects of changed purchase rules on purchase prices.

Shipping Overview

The purchase overview lists the purchases made from new to old. You can search for specific purchases via various filters on the item and seller level.